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Focused On Debt Collections In Aventura Since 1995

Aventura/Fort Lauderdale Area Business And Commercial Law Attorney Providing Forward-Thinking Solutions For Businesses

At the law firm of Allison L. Friedman, P.A., we are known for our commitment to collections, which is considered a subcategory of business and commercial law. Our clients include individuals and a wide range of businesses spanning the South Florida metropolitan area.

We don’t see collections as a subcategory, however. We see it as a separate, but closely related, specialty. We believe our background in collections is crucial to providing forward-thinking solutions in business and commercial law work. After all, the ultimate goal for every business is to ensure that money is flowing in. We know the issues that can help and hinder that goal.

Handling All Florida Business And Commercial Law Matters

At our law firm, you will find an attorney who has been handling business and commercial law matters, since 1995. You can turn to us for assistance with every legal issue that may arise during the life of a business, including:

  • Business formation
  • Creation of employee handbooks
  • Drafting, reviewing and negotiating business contracts
  • Creating credit applications
  • Guidance on dealing with customers on credit
  • Creating independent contractor contracts
  • Strong advocacy in any matter involving the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC)

Of course, we can also assist all businesses with collections, as well as debt defense for those who end up on the wrong side of collections actions.

Handling All Business And Commercial Litigation

When business and commercial litigation arises, a business will typically enlist a law firm. The law firm will go to battle for the business, hopefully winning the case. But what happens next? All too often, the law firm is finished with the case at this point.

At our law firm, we believe the dispute is not resolved until the judgment that was awarded is collected. After all, what good is winning the battle if you can’t collect your winnings? This is where our experience in collections comes in. We can see litigation through to the end.

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