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Aventura/Fort Lauderdale Area Wage Garnishment Lawyer

Once a judgment is obtained against a debtor, one of the best ways to collect is to garnish wages or bank accounts. Accuracy is crucial in order to use this method successfully. The opposition will catch any errors, which could lead to the garnishment being set aside.

Our experience means we know how to handle wage and bank account garnishments. At the South Florida law firm of Allison L. Friedman, P.A., you will find an attorney who has been handling these matters for businesses and individuals throughout the Aventura/Fort Lauderdale area since 1995. We do this accurately. We get results.

Finding Wages And Bank Accounts To Garnish

The first step in garnishment cases is to find all wages and bank accounts available. We have developed a detailed process that allows us to determine if money is being made, and how much. It allows us to locate where that money is being saved if it is being saved at all.

After we have found the target, our action will be fast and aggressive. We will file the paperwork with the court (obtaining a writ of execution and attachment, when necessary, to enforce its judgment), serve the bank or the employer, notify the debtor and get the judgment. If complications arise, we can handle them.

Resolving Garnishment Disputes

In bank account and wage garnishment cases, it is not uncommon for the opposition to try to fight back. They will look for mistakes. They will look for opportunities to avoid having to pay what they owe.

We are litigators. If these cases need to go to trial, we are ready. We have the experience necessary to get resolutions, regardless of the legal process involved.

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