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Beyonce's company facing business litigation over ADA violations

Running a Florida business comes with many risks. Even when people or companies have garnered a considerable amount of success, they can still face the possibility of claims against their businesses for wrongdoing and may even be more susceptible to such claims due to their significant followings. Claims may even lead to business litigation that company owners and operators need to address.

It was recently reported that a lawsuit was filed against an entertainment company owned by Beyonce Knowles, alleging violations of the Americans with Disabilities Act. Specifically, the lawsuit claims that the company's website is not accessible to blind and visually impaired people. The claim indicates that the site does not allow blind fans to gain information from the website or to even buy tickets or merchandise.

During business formation, consultants may want to start small

When starting a business, it is unlikely that individuals will seek immediate success. Certainly, small successes can be achieved early on, but it typically takes a considerable amount of time for a company to thrive and grow into a powerhouse business. As a result, Florida residents who are interested in starting their own consulting companies may need to utilize a smaller business entity during business formation.

Deciding on the right type of business structure is an important step. Though acting as a consultant can prove lucrative, most individuals start out small. Therefore, it may be wise to consider creating a sole proprietorship or a limited liability company. These entities are similar, but an LLC allows business owners to have less personal liability than sole proprietorships.

Supplier seeks millions in unpaid bills in business litigation

Business relationships do not always stay positive. For many reasons, companies may find themselves at odds and need to resolve serious issues. While some companies can work together to reach resolutions, some cases may present the need for business litigation, especially if one side is being unreasonable.

Florida readers may be interested in a lawsuit involving a clothing supplier and LulaRoe, a marketing company that sells women's clothing. Reports stated that the supplier has filed the suit, claiming that LulaRoe has failed to pay the supplier for the last seven months. This lack of payment has reportedly resulted in the supplier seeking $49 million in the lawsuit. The supplier reportedly contacted one of the company's founders about the unpaid bills, but he allegedly stated that he would not be paying those bills unless ordered to do so by a judge.

Levi's and YSL in business litigation over trademarked fabric tab

Running a Florida company involves numerous business decisions. In some cases, those decisions may mean choosing to trademark or otherwise protect certain intellectual property that is important to business operations. It may also mean deciding to pursue business litigation when another company violates or infringes upon those protections.

The decision to move forward with litigation was recently made by Levi Strauss and Co. The company claims that Yves Saint Laurent America have infringed upon its trademark, caused dilution and created unfair competition by putting fabric tabs on the back pocket of YSL jeans. Levi's trademarked the small tab that typically comes in red, blue or white and has held the rights for decades. The company first used the tab in 1936.

Walmart involved in business litigation with credit card provider

When business agreements go south, a lot can be at stake. Even big-name companies can suffer damages when another company fails to adhere to the terms of a contract. As a result, these entities may end up embroiled in business litigation in order to reach a conclusion to their disputes.

Florida readers may be interested in a dispute that is currently underway involving Walmart and its former credit card provider, Synchrony. The retail giant claims that the financial service company failed to follow through with an implied agreement, which apparently resulted in Walmart losing the ability to obtain "the fruits of the contract." Details of the legal claim were not readily available in the report as much of the complaint had been redacted.

Avoiding financial pitfalls important during business formation

Starting one's own business is an exciting time. However, it can also be immensely complicated, and if Florida residents hoping to open the doors to their companies do not think ahead, they could end up struggling far too soon. In particular, it is important that individuals remain aware of financial mistakes that could prove detrimental during business formation.

One issue that some business owners may run into is outsourcing too soon. While outsourcing can certainly prove useful when trying to help a business grow, it is important that business owners and operators understand each part of their business before allowing an outside party to cover certain aspects. By having this understanding, owners may prevent themselves from making outsourcing errors that could end up costing them more money than necessary.

Nonpayment for produce supply leads to business litigation

There are many scenarios in the business world that can lead to legal action being necessary. In cases where a business relationship goes sour, one company may file a lawsuit against another. In some instances, one company may not provide proper compensation to a supplier, and that lack of payment may result in business litigation.

Florida readers may be interested in this type of situation currently underway in another state. Reports indicated that a supermarket chain recently shut down its operations. However, the company failed to pay for approximately three months' worth of produce supplied by a produce wholesaler. As a result, the produce company is owed over $453,000 from the supermarket chain.

Business litigation: 2 out-of-state companies facing lawsuits

Businesses often face some degree of conflict. In some cases, one business may end up in a dispute with another business, and as a result, lawsuits could ensue. Business litigation is often complicated, but it may also prove necessary for company owners who feel that their businesses have been damaged by the actions of others.

Florida residents may be interested in a lawsuit and countersuit that the owners of an ice cream shop and owner of a coffee shop have respectively filed in another state. The lawsuit from the ice cream shop owners claimed that the coffee shop owner used misleading means in attempts to take over the ice cream shop's business. The actions purportedly included the coffee shop owner claiming to be the new owner of the ice cream shop when speaking with the public health agency.

Business litigation results from trademark infringement

Many companies are easily recognized by their names. Often, customers and potential customers associate the name with quality products. However, if another company starts using the same or similar name, confusion can occur, and businesses can suffer. If a company has trademarked its name and another company infringes on that trademark, business litigation may be necessary.

Florida readers may be interested in this type of situation currently underway in another state. A brewing company known as Priest Lake Brewing Co. has filed a lawsuit against Priest Lake Brewing for trademark infringement. The president for the first company had registered the name and logo with the state, and afterward, he attempted to contact the operator of the second company to inform him of the issues his company name was causing.

Business planning is important at startup and down the road

Running a business is always a complex endeavor. Business planning can often help address some of the aspects of business operations, and having a plan is not just a step to think about when starting a company. Florida business owners certainly want to make sure that they know the direction that their companies may go whether they are just starting or have been operating for some time, and creating a business plan is often a wise step.

As businesses grow and change, plans also need to grow and change. Many owners may have ideas of how they want to operate, and as they get underway, they may need to take different factors into consideration. Often, owners and operators can utilize their plans to detail the goals they hope to achieve in both the long and short-term. They can also forecast their sales and the amount of profit they expect to make.