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August 2013 Archives

Collecting on a Judgment

Collection of a judgment, I often tell my clients, is the hard part of the litigation process. Obtaining a judgment against the debtor can often be rather easy to achieve in litigation, especially when a debtor fails to respond to the lawsuit. The real challenge for a creditor and its attorney is attempting to collect on that judgment. Unfortunately, rarely does a judgment debtor receive the judgment and immediately send payment. Instead, the creditor needs to be prepared to chase that debtor to obtain payment.

Can a Judgment Creditor Garnish an Out-Of-State Bank Account?

An effective post-judgment garnishment tool for a judgment creditor is garnishment of a judgment debtor's bank account.  However, what happens when the judgment debtor resides in another state but uses a national bank with a branch in Florida.  Does the bank account fall within the Florida court's jurisdiction to be subject to the writ of garnishment?