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May 2019 Archives

Protecting companies from business torts

Though running a business is a dream of many Florida residents, it is important to understand that achieving that dream does not mean that the process will always be stress-free. In fact, it is not unusual for companies to face business torts, or civil claims, that could cause significant difficulties. Fortunately, business owners can take steps toward working to prevent such claims and handling them effectively.

Lack of payment could lead to business litigation

Many business owners know that running a company could see its fair share of legal issues. Disputes could arise that can only be resolved through the filing of a lawsuit, such as those sometimes needed to collect on unpaid invoices. Certainly, other attempts to collect can be made, but for difficult situations, business litigation may be needed.

Breach of contract issues may require business litigation

Florida business owners depend on contracts to keep their companies running smoothly. Without contacts in place, it would be impossible to hold parties with whom one does business or whom one employs accountable when various issues arise. When a breach of contract occurs, there are a number of ways to deal with it. In some cases, business litigation may prove necessary.