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Protecting companies from business torts

On Behalf of | May 27, 2019 | Business Torts

Though running a business is a dream of many Florida residents, it is important to understand that achieving that dream does not mean that the process will always be stress-free. In fact, it is not unusual for companies to face business torts, or civil claims, that could cause significant difficulties. Fortunately, business owners can take steps toward working to prevent such claims and handling them effectively.

Limiting risks is a key purpose of a business owner. Owners certainly do not want to put their companies, their employees or themselves in unnecessary jeopardy, so one of the first acts to implement is to pay attention to words and actions. Owners and their employees should work to avoid saying or doing anything that could be construed as libelous, slanderous, illegal or, possibly, even significantly controversial.

Additionally, it is wise to have liability insurance. Even if owners do their best to avoid upsetting customers or clients, claims can still result. Having liability insurance can help protect the company financially in the event that a person is injured due to a product or on the premises of a business or due to another event. It may also be prudent to consider other forms of insurance depending on the details of the business operations.

Of course, if companies do become involved in business torts, owners undoubtedly want to do what they can to protect their businesses even then. At that point, it may be wise to enlist the help of their legal counsel. Hopefully, Florida business owners have been working closely with employment law professionals throughout their business formation and subsequent endeavors, and having that assistance when facing legal claims could prove invaluable.