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July 2013 Archives

Collection on a Judgment against a Dissolved Florida Corporation

I often get asked if its possible to collect on a judgment against a dissolved Florida corporation when the same principal has opened up a new company. If the new company is similar to the previous company, a judgment creditor can attempt collection in Florida against the new company under the legal theory that the new company is a "mere continuation" of the judgment debtor.

New Amendments to Garnishment Statute Help Collections

Garnishment is one of the most effective ways for a collections attorney to recoup funds for his or her clients. In the most recent legislative session, the Florida legislature has amended Chapter 77 of the Florida Statutes governing garnishment proceedings. The most notable change is that the amendment repeals Florida Statutes §222.12 which provided the procedure by which a creditor could challenge a claim of exemption as head of his or her household.

Welcome and Collection Advice

     Welcome to my website blog. My goal is to address collection issues including collecting on unpaid invoices, accounts receivables, promissory notes and other debts. I will also highlight important changes in Florida law and notable cases. If anyone reading this blog has any specific questions, please feel free to e-mail me the question and I will try to address same.