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Miami Dade County Writ Of Execution Lawyer

At the South Florida law firm of Allison L. Friedman, P.A., we assist clients in seeking writs of execution and writs of replevin in an effort to recover real or personal property. Contact an Aventura-Dade County writ of execution attorney to learn more.

Services For Business Owners

When customers stop paying for financed or leased items such as equipment, trucks or cars, and the company is unable to peacefully gain possession of those products, our firm uses the correct legal process to ensure a quick resolution to have the equipment, trucks or cars returned to our client. We provide the same service to obtain the collateral securing promissory notes and commercial or personal loans. We act promptly and swiftly to these matters to help you regain your personal property.

In addition, once a judgment has been entered, our firm can execute on the debtor’s assets, whether it is equipment, inventory or personal effects. We will obtain a writ of executions and coordinate the lawful seizure of the assets with the sheriff. The sheriff will then coordinate a sale to liquidate the assets and get you paid.

Contact A Fort Lauderdale Replevin Attorney

To learn how a writ of execution or writ of replevin can help you recover property that has been wrongfully taken, please contact a lawyer in Aventura at 888-691-1248.