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Business Litigation Lawyer in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Complete Resolutions To Business Disputes — Aventura/Fort Lauderdale Area Attorney

A business enlists an experienced law firm to resolve a dispute. The law firm comes in, does the work, wins the case. The end, right? Unfortunately, for many law firms, it is.

Not for us. At the South Florida law firm of Allison L. Friedman, P.A., we know that winning a judgment doesn’t necessarily ensure that the compensation our client was awarded will end up in our client’s hands. Sometimes the opposition simply doesn’t pay. Sometimes, further action is necessary. That is why our background in collections is critical to resolving business and commercial litigation. It means that we will stay with our clients until the matter is completely resolved and the money awarded is in our clients’ hands.

Significant Business Litigation Experience

At our law firm, you will find a lawyer who has been handling business litigation since 1995. We have the experience to take on even the most complex business disputes, including:

  • Contract disputes, such as breach of contract
  • Disputes over non-performance
  • Import/export disputes, such as lost or damaged shipments
  • Partnership disputes
  • Employment disputes
  • Commercial real estate disputes
  • Any business matter that requires an in-depth understanding of the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC)

We are business litigators who take pride in the lawsuits we file. We take pride in the success that we have achieved in Florida’s state, federal and appellate courts. Our confidence in our ability to go the distance in every case will come through from the moment you bring your business litigation case to us.

We Get Judgments And We Collect On Them

We believe that all business and commercial litigation cases are collections cases. They are all about recovering compensation. Businesses don’t move forward with lawsuits unless they want financial restitution. As a collections law firm, we are able to see complete resolutions to these cases.

We do not simply get a judgment and walk away, leaving our clients to handle what is often the most challenging part of the case. We get judgments and we collect on them.

In addition to providing representation in business litigation matters, we also assist clients in a full range of business and commercial law matters, including helping clients draft operating agreements, partnership agreements, non-compete agreements, invoices and credit applications, to name a few.

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