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Bank of America dealing with business litigation

Running a Florida business is no easy task. In fact, in some cases, the more successful a business becomes, the more issues they are likely to face, especially when it comes to claims being filed against them. As companies grow, take on new ventures and interact with more people, they also open themselves up to the possibility of more individuals potentially becoming disgruntled with the manner in which they perceive how the companies conduct themselves. As a result, business litigation could occur.

Bank of America is no small business, but it certainly faces its fair share of issues. It was recently reported that a lawsuit was filed against the bank by the National Fair Housing Alliance and similar groups for alleged discrimination. The claims state that the bank allegedly failed to care for homes it foreclosed on in predominantly black and Latino communities, while providing maintenance for foreclosed homes in predominately white neighborhoods.

In response to the lawsuit, Bank of America issued a statement indicating that it carries out the same management and marketing efforts for bank-owned property in all areas. The company believes that the claims are unfounded. A property management company contracted by the bank was also named in the suit, and that company issued a statement indicating that they do not tolerate any forms of discrimination.

Dealing with business litigation is sometimes an unfortunate part of running a company. Various types of allegations could be leveled against Florida businesses for which they will certainly want to defend themselves. In such cases, it may prove wise to consult with legal counsel regarding the best options for dealing with claims.

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