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Business litigation results from trademark infringement

On Behalf of | Sep 18, 2018 | Business Litigation

Many companies are easily recognized by their names. Often, customers and potential customers associate the name with quality products. However, if another company starts using the same or similar name, confusion can occur, and businesses can suffer. If a company has trademarked its name and another company infringes on that trademark, business litigation may be necessary.

Florida readers may be interested in this type of situation currently underway in another state. A brewing company known as Priest Lake Brewing Co. has filed a lawsuit against Priest Lake Brewing for trademark infringement. The president for the first company had registered the name and logo with the state, and afterward, he attempted to contact the operator of the second company to inform him of the issues his company name was causing.

The operator of the second company did not reply, and the president for the first company made other attempts to make contact about the infringement to no avail. As a result, the first company moved forward with a lawsuit to address the trademark infringement and the damages that have resulted. They hope the lawsuit will ultimately prohibit the second company from using the name.

While many company owners undoubtedly want to settle issues without having to go to court, business litigation is sometimes unavoidable. If Florida business owners believe that their trademarks have been infringed upon, they may need to look into their legal options as well. Consulting with their legal counsel can help them understand their rights and how to best address the predicaments they face in order to protect their businesses.