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Business litigation: 2 out-of-state companies facing lawsuits

On Behalf of | Oct 2, 2018 | Business Litigation

Businesses often face some degree of conflict. In some cases, one business may end up in a dispute with another business, and as a result, lawsuits could ensue. Business litigation is often complicated, but it may also prove necessary for company owners who feel that their businesses have been damaged by the actions of others.

Florida residents may be interested in a lawsuit and countersuit that the owners of an ice cream shop and owner of a coffee shop have respectively filed in another state. The lawsuit from the ice cream shop owners claimed that the coffee shop owner used misleading means in attempts to take over the ice cream shop’s business. The actions purportedly included the coffee shop owner claiming to be the new owner of the ice cream shop when speaking with the public health agency.

The coffee shop owner denies that allegation, among others. As a result, he has filed his countersuit in which he claims that the ice cream shop owners cast him in a bad light and carried out misleading actions of their own in regard to their business. He also claims that their actions and sabotage resulted in his coffee shop operations closing in the area.

The business world often has intense competition and challenges no matter the industry. If Florida residents believe that the actions of other person or company caused hardships for their businesses, they may want to consider their legal options for seeking compensation. Business litigation may be able to allow interested business owners to have the opportunity to fight for restitution.