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Nonpayment for produce supply leads to business litigation

On Behalf of | Oct 16, 2018 | Business Litigation

There are many scenarios in the business world that can lead to legal action being necessary. In cases where a business relationship goes sour, one company may file a lawsuit against another. In some instances, one company may not provide proper compensation to a supplier, and that lack of payment may result in business litigation.

Florida readers may be interested in this type of situation currently underway in another state. Reports indicated that a supermarket chain recently shut down its operations. However, the company failed to pay for approximately three months’ worth of produce supplied by a produce wholesaler. As a result, the produce company is owed over $453,000 from the supermarket chain.

It was noted that the supermarket company has not denied that the money is owed. However, they have not taken steps to ensure that the produce wholesaler receives the outstanding payments. As a result, the produce company has filed a lawsuit against the grocery store company in order to pursue the compensation they are owed. At the time of the report, neither company provided comment on the situation and pending litigation.

It is an unfortunate situation when a company does not receive payment after providing supplies for another business, but it happens more often than many individuals may think. If Florida business owners have had to deal with nonpayment from clients or customers, they may want to explore legal action of their own. Business litigation may be the necessary route owners need to take in order to receive the money they are owed.