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Ben & Jerry’s faces business litigation over environmental claims

On Behalf of | Jan 22, 2019 | Business Litigation

Business owners have many obligations to attend to while running their companies. Often, they have to deal with issues and keep potential problems under control in order to make sure their operations run smoothly. Of course, they may not be able to address every possible issue before someone takes legal action against their companies and business litigation results.

Florida readers may be interested in a current lawsuit taking place in another state involving ice cream company Ben & Jerry’s. The original lawsuit was filed in July of last year by the Organic Consumers Association. The association claims that the parent company of Ben & Jerry’s, Unilever, has made misleading advertisements regarding the company’s commitment to environmental and animal welfare standards. They claim that the milk the company uses does not meet standards for animal care and that lake pollution is stemming from farms where the company gets supplies.

Ben & Jerry’s attempted to have the lawsuit dismissed, but a judge recently ruled against that request. The reason behind the denial reportedly related to the Organic Consumers Association presenting sufficient facts for a plausible claim. Representation for Ben & Jerry’s did not provide a comment regarding the lawsuit for the report.

Business litigation can take up time and resources, but when companies face accusations, it is important that they take the steps they feel necessary to address the claims. Defending against harmful accusations could allow Florida companies to continue operating and prevent them from facing unnecessary damages. In order to handle claims, business owners may want to explore their legal options.