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Beyonce’s company facing business litigation over ADA violations

On Behalf of | Jan 10, 2019 | Business Litigation

Running a Florida business comes with many risks. Even when people or companies have garnered a considerable amount of success, they can still face the possibility of claims against their businesses for wrongdoing and may even be more susceptible to such claims due to their significant followings. Claims may even lead to business litigation that company owners and operators need to address.

It was recently reported that a lawsuit was filed against an entertainment company owned by Beyonce Knowles, alleging violations of the Americans with Disabilities Act. Specifically, the lawsuit claims that the company’s website is not accessible to blind and visually impaired people. The claim indicates that the site does not allow blind fans to gain information from the website or to even buy tickets or merchandise.

The claim has resulted in a class action lawsuit against the company, and the desired result is that the company will make the site accessible to visually impaired individuals. Compensatory damages are also being sought, but a specific amount or type was not disclosed in the report. It was also noted that the company representatives had not responded to a request for comment by the time of the report.

Facing business litigation is a serious endeavor, and as this case shows, even Beyonce is not immune to legal action. When Florida companies face this type of predicament, it is wise to ensure that owners and operators obtain the necessary information to address their cases as fully as possible. Working with their legal counsel could allow them to work on strategies for addressing claims against them.