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MoviePass facing business litigation over bait-and-switch claims

On Behalf of | Feb 6, 2019 | Business Litigation

Any type of lawsuit is a serious matter. In some cases, business owners may need to file suits in order to address issues that are harming their companies, and in other cases, those owners may need to defend their companies when others have brought claims against them. Commonly, business litigation allows for the parties involved to provide their arguments for certain outcomes.

Florida readers may be interested in a lawsuit that was recently filed against a movie-ticket subscription service by two users. Apparently, the service allows interested parties to pay a subscription fee that allows them to watch any movie once a day in any theater. The individuals involved in the lawsuit stated that they each paid $105.35 for a yearly subscription to the service, but over the course of 10 months, they had only been able to see three movies.

The individuals believe that MoviePass, the service provider, has utilized bait-and-switch tactics by advertising available movies but then telling subscribers that showtimes are not available in their area. The two individuals have filed a class-action lawsuit for unspecified damages. MoviePass did not provide a comment for the report.

Any type of negative accusation against a company can have damaging effects. Of course, company owners do have legal options for addressing any business litigation in which they may play a part. In order to strategize and understand the proceedings involved, Florida business owners in this type of predicament may find it useful to confer with their legal counsel about their viable courses of action.