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Seinfeld involved in business litigation with classic car dealer

On Behalf of | Mar 5, 2019 | Business Litigation

When accusations come against a business, it is wise for the company to handle the situation in the best manner possible. After all, accusations of wrongdoing could immensely damage a company’s reputation and overall business operations. When the situation is serious, business litigation could result, especially if a displeased individual files a legal claim.

Florida readers may be interested in a lawsuit involving comedian Jerry Seinfeld and an out-of-state classic car dealer. Apparently, Seinfeld had purchased a 1958 Porsche from the company in 2013 and then sold the vehicle for $1.5 million in 2016 to another company. However, the company that bought his vehicle claims that it is not an authentic Porsche. As a result, the company sued Seinfeld for selling a fake vehicle. Seinfeld stated that he was relying on the certificate of authenticity that he received from the first company.

Seinfeld contacted the first company and demanded that it directly deal with the issues with the second company. However, the first company reportedly did not do so. As a result, Seinfeld has filed suit against the classic car dealer seeking unspecified damages.

Business litigation can be a complex matter, and as this case shows, a substantial amount of money can be involved. If Florida business owners have accusations brought against their companies, they will certainly want to make sure that the predicaments are handled as best as possible. As a result, it may prove wise for them to consult with their legal counsel to gain specific insight into their best available options.