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What you need to know about debt issuance and your business

On Behalf of | Apr 21, 2021 | Business Formation & Planning

Many companies take on debt to grow their businesses, and one tactic is borrowing funds from their shareholders.

The issuance of debt works a bit differently from other financial instruments. 

How issuance of debt works

Debt issuance isn’t new. Most people are familiar with the idea of Treasure or municipal bonds, which are a form of debt issuance used by government entities. Private companies can operate with their corporate bonds in much the same way. The money raised from cor generally goes to fund capital projects, acquisitions or other company expenditures through capital markets. 

Most companies have credit rating firms’ credit scores assigned to them by Standard & Poors or Moody’s. A company’s credit score with one of those firms determines what interest rate they’ll have to pay on their corporate bonds. 

Companies with lower credit ratings often end up owing higher interest rates compared to those with solid finances. The bonds then get sold on the bond market to consumers and investors willing to take the investment risk. (Bonds of any sort are generally considered fairly low-risk.)

Companies must generally pay on issuances of debts for 30 years. Lenders receive interest payments during the payment period. Borrowers must have paid the entirety of the amount they owed at the end of the payment period. Borrowers can buy back the loan and reissue them on more favorable terms should the interest rate drop during their repayment period. 

When you’re learning the ropes in business, it’s good to seek guidance

Understanding the ins and outs of debt issuance is one of the many things that can cause new business owners to struggle. Working with an experienced business law attorney can help alleviate much of your worries.