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Can you still collect a debt if you have to stop calling?

| Sep 24, 2021 | collections

There are ways that consumers can take action to get collectors to stop calling or contacting them, but that doesn’t mean that your company can’t collect the debt that is owed. Even if you work with a credit collection agency, you have other options if those agents are told not to call your past clients any longer.

As someone who is owed a debt, you have a right to collect that debt in most circumstances. Even if a debtor goes into bankruptcy, you have a right to state that you are owed a debt and to seek compensation during that process. As a creditor, you may have other options, too, such as filing a claim in court and pursuing that lawsuit to get compensated. 

Can you keep contacting someone if they’ve asked you to stop?

If you have called the person who owes you a debt and they asked you to stop calling, you don’t necessarily have to until you have a letter in your hands from them. The debt doesn’t disappear just because the person refuses to talk to you. You still have the option to file a lawsuit to collect.

If the sum is modest, you may want to pursue the claim through a small claims court. If it’s a larger amount, then a civil court may help you get what you’re owed. Options such as wage garnishment, liens and others may also be open to you, depending on the debt that is owed. 

Our website has more information on getting a judgment in your favor, so you can collect on debts that are owed to you.