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3 types of business torts every entrepreneur should know

On Behalf of | Aug 18, 2023 | Business Torts

Entrepreneurs are constantly navigating various challenges and opportunities in the dynamic business landscape. Among the complexities of modern commerce, one area that demands careful consideration is business torts. These are legal wrongs committed against a business entity, often resulting in financial loss for a business. 

Business torts can be intentional or negligent, and they typically involve actions that harm a business’s reputation, finances or operations. Entrepreneurs should be well-versed in these matters to help safeguard their ventures from potential pitfalls and legal disputes. Below are three different types of business torts every entrepreneur should recognize:

1. Fraudulent misrepresentation 

Fraudulent misrepresentation occurs when one party deliberately makes false statements or conceals crucial information with the intention of deceiving another party. This can result in financial harm to the deceived party. For entrepreneurs, being vigilant about the accuracy of the information they provide is crucial to avoid potential legal claims.

2. Tortious interference 

Tortious interference happens when a third party intentionally interferes with a contractual or business relationship that already exists between two other parties. This interference must lead to actual financial harm for the plaintiff for the tort claim to be valid. Entrepreneurs should know that even nuanced gestures like the nod of one’s head or silence as a response to a valid inquiry can be construed as tortious interference.

3. Unfair competition

Unfair competition encompasses various actions aimed at gaining an unfair advantage over competitors. This can include false advertising, trademark infringement and misappropriation of trade secrets. Entrepreneurs need to respect their competitors’ intellectual property and avoid unfair practices that might have rival businesses.

By understanding the various types of business torts and implementing proactive measures to mitigate risks, entrepreneurs can protect their ventures and maintain their reputation within their industry. When faced with a tort claim, your best bet may be to seek legal assistance to determine the best course of action.