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Business litigation: Patron files suit against Burger King

On Behalf of | May 29, 2018 | Business Litigation

There are many types of lawsuits that could potentially come against a Florida business. While there are many that involve issues relating to unhappy employees, there is also the chance that a customer could also feel the need to file suit against a company. Whatever the type of business litigation, it is important that company owners understand their defense options.

Because any type of legal action against a business can prove detrimental, it is important to find the best way to approach the situation. Fast food giant Burger King will undoubtedly want to explore their possible options due a lawsuit recently filed against the company. Reports stated that a homeless man had visited one of the fast food establishments in 2015 and tried to use a $10 bill to purchase breakfast. However, the cashier at the time apparently thought the money to be counterfeit.

The employee then called police, and the man was taken into custody. He was held without bail for three months due to the situation resulting in a probation violation. It was later determined that the money was not counterfeit, and the charges were dropped. However, the man — who is African American — believes that he was discriminated against due to his appearance. As a result, he has filed a legal claim against Burger King Corp. and the franchisee.

This type of business litigation can be difficult to address. However, the company has the right to defend itself against such allegations and work toward the best possible outcome for the case. If Florida business owners are facing this type of legal issue or similar litigation, they may want to closely review their legal options.

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