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Executing on a Judgment for Defamation

I was recently retained to execute on a domesticated foreign judgment awarded in favor of my clients for defamation and damages. The defendant is basically uncollectible, however, my clients had me obtain a writ of execution and execute on all computers and communication devices in possession of the defendant in an effort to 'silence' her defamatory statements. Naturally, once that was completed, the defendant found access to new communication devices and has gone on a defamatory rampage against my clients.

Executing on a Judgment- Pros and Cons of Seizing Assets

Executing on a judgment can be an effective way to collect.  However, most people do not understand the process involved when using a writ of execution to attempt to take possession of real and/or personal property of a debtor. I get calls all the time from potential clients anxious to collect the debtors antiques or valuable artwork as well as inventory, computers and merchandise. The impression is that now that the creditor has a judgment, it's easy to just go pick up the goods.